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"I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky."


Lourdes Madrigal, D.Ac., L.Ac. 

Lourdes (Lula) Madrigal has been an avid student of holistic healing traditions for over 30 years. She holds a doctorate in Acupuncture, a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies and has studied various methods of integrative therapies and yoga traditions. Her certifications include Ayurvedic Counseling, Herbal Studies, Akashic Records Counseling, Global Sisterhood Circle Leadership. She has been meditating under the guidance of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for over 20 years and is an active volunteer at his US based foundation - The Science of Spirituality. She  is passionate in empowering youth and women via the healing arts and community circles.

Her past transformative work and mental health background fused with acupuncture when she began her own healing path. In this transformation, she embraced the simplicity and deep healing that is found in  holistic therapies— deciding to devote her life to share this gift with others.  Her specialties include:  women's health & fertility, pediatric/teen acupuncture, pain management, auto-immune disorders, mental health & stress management, digestive  disorders, cancer support, and Esoteric Acupuncture.

Lourdes practices a unique approach to wellness that  weaves  ancient healing traditions with  current medical research. Her focus is to create a partnership with her clients in their wellness goals. By providing  a safe space to explore their individual strengths, she anchors the foundation for their healing and well-being. More recently she has founded various women’s circles as a certified Global Sisterhood facilitator, and is the founding director of Synergy ~ Women's Transformational Retreats. Lourdes honors the innate wisdom gained through her own personal journey, using the creative force as a  catalyst to guide those on the sacred path towards  health, self-fulfillment and alchemical transformation. 

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