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Akashic Records Consultations

The Akashic Record is the  energetic archive that holds all the Universal information about  each soul and each living being, plant, or inert object,  and event that has ever existed. We  each have  our own archive inside this  Book, and in it all our history is contained. The Records are accessed through a sacred prayer, and can help illuminate each person's path from the perspective of its Divine Source. Readings can be particularly helpful to gain insight and direction in life, and to experience deep connection and healing .


Akashic Record Reading 

Duration 1 hour 15 minutes

What is an Akashic Record consultation?

The Akashic Records contain all  past and present knowledge, experiences and expressions of the journey of each Soul. It also holds information about the possibilities of its future development. By opening  the Akashic Records -- using  a Sacred Prayer, we will align with the vibrations of Your Soul Records.

 This prayer works via energetic vibrations (sound codes), which "attune" with the "specific name" of the person and carry with it the protection that comes from the Universal energies of  Love transmitted through your Masters, Guides and Loved Ones.

The information stored in the Akashic Records helps us integrate our past and future to the present moment. 

The Healing Energy of the Akashic Records gives us the freedom to gain perspective and overcome any illusion that  separates us from living our full potential.  Readings are healing and transformational, they hold great power for those that are open to accept their own inner guidance.  It is time for self-empowerment and with this tool you are able to gain a deeper connection to your inner world and guidance. 

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